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Tigervision Level 1 (10 points)

Hi all...

So lets say I have a project.  Lets say I moved a clip or a song from the internal drive to the external drive, or I renamed a song. Whatever it is - imovie can't find the source anymore.


Is there a way to say to iMovie... I know I changed something... but that song you are looking for is here (or the video clip is here).  In other words, can I repoint imovie to the source in an easy way after altering that source???


If not... my goodness.... horrible cheap windows programs have this ability.


Thanks for info/tips!

  • Eric Ross Level 6 (11,665 points)

    This link will give you inforamtion on how to move those files correctly.  https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-4141

  • Tigervision Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks Eric. 

    I know about AM's writtings and they are awesome.  I know how to intentionally move stuff. 


    My question is what if I accidently change a song in itunes or move a clip to a different event.  How can I repoint imovie to that song/clip and say, 'here it is' continue with the current editing features.


    It seems to me that you can't do this on imovie?  Which I find amazing.  You could do this (repoint to the media if moved) on an old horrible Window's program called MS video editor from 2006!




  • Karsten Schlüter Level 7 (32,207 points)

    Tigervision wrote:

    ... my goodness.... horrible cheap windows programs have this ability.

    so, why not using the tool which offers the features YOU need?


    people often don't realize two things:

    • iMovie is part of iLife, a suite of programs which all relate on each other


    • all this apps, iMovie included, are first of all data-bases. the 'Library'. which often is mentioned, doesn't exist! There's no hidden, gigantic folder on your harddrive 'Library/My Movies'! It is just an elaborated and fragile list or chart of links - when you damage that links, for sure the complexity of a project is kaputt.


    to re-link things is no trivia task - if, IF you touch several data-bases with a single item! in my personal opinion, Apple lost track for quiet a while, allowing 'movies' to be stored in iPhoto (eh?), iMovie (yep) and iTunes (wot??) - plus, we store our stuff internal, external, iCloud, whatever.-


    iM'S Big Brother; FCPX has a re-link feature - pros know, how to manage data-bases. Or not


    For iLive, fingerscrossed, Sir Ive will reduce (internal, home made) complexity ... hopefully.

    My personal reason, why we haven't heard a single word about iMovie/iLife13 yet ... and it's May!