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Hey everyone,

im working on a project where im going to project a keynote presentation that includes a few things to make a score board. Basicly i want it to have live feed from my webcam, a timer that counts down and 2 small boxes to keep the score for that team.

Now i have finaly managed to get live feed from my camera using quartz composer. Now for the count down i have no idea, but that is the least of my problems. I need to be able to upadate a table with the scors for each team without taking the presentation down. So i was thinking, if i make an rss feed of an exel table, (Whitch i can do no problem) i could rss feed it into the keynot... but i tryed quarts composer and it doesnt work, any ideas on how i can get it to work, or how i can do it another way?

What about the countdown timmer? any ideas for that? (maybe just a video counting down, that may be ok)

But yeah the score is what is realy buzzing me...

Please help



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