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I have an external drive loaded with OSX Lion (old hard drive from a MacBook) that I am trying to access with my iMac. I am trying to access Files from the Users/Libray folder, but I do not have disk permissions to access the Library folder.  I have tried unlocking the padlock, entering my password, but I cannot change anything.


Tried fixing Disk Pemissions with Disk Utility, but greyed out and unable to do so.


Any help would be appreciated.





Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Have you tried setting Ignore permissions on this drive on the external drive?


    You'll find that setting in the Info Window for the DRIVE

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    It is grayed out, so I cannot change it.



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    Have you unlocked the Info window?


    Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 18.19.10 .png

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    Yes, did that. It makes no difference. Even if I go back to it (say in a new Finder Window), the padlock is locked, Ignore Permissions is stilll checked, the ownmership choices are no longer greyed out, but I cannot change them.

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    If ignore ownership on this volume is checked the settings in the permissions have no meaning, that's the whole point behind the checkbox.


    So you are saying with the Ignore permissions on this volume checked you still can;t access the files on the drive?  I'm not asking about modifying permissions I'm asking about file access.

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    OK. Yes, with the Ignore permissions on this volume checked I still can' access the files on the drive? There is still the red sign over the folder (see pic).




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    Ok, as this drive was a Lion root drive and toy are trying to get into the old Users folders you're running into the ACL's set on the files.


    Try this,as an Administrator go to the folder you are trying to get access to and open an Info window and unlock it. Now instead of trying to grant access to everyone grant specific access to yourself. That is add your name to the permissions list. (Use the + at the bottom of the window) and grant yourself r&w access.


    If that doesn't work you will need to use the Terminal window to clear the ACL's from the folders. Post back if the above doesn't work and let me know how familiar you are with the Terminal and the command line.



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    There in lies the problem. I am unable to Add anything under "Name" or change "Privilege". Even tried logging in to my Mac as a new Administrator. Nothing works.






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    That is strange, are you certain you are logged into an Admin account?  Try unmounting and then mounting the disk again.


    If it still doenst work you will need to try this from the command line. You didn;t respond to my question regarding your familiarity with the Terminal and command line so not sure how basic I need to be.


    Basically open a Terminal window, cd to the folder on the external drive you are trying to access and type


    # sudo chmod -RN .


    You'll be prompted for your password. Again this needs to be run from an admin account.


    If any of this is unclear or you don;t feel comfortable doing it post back.

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    Hi. I ran the Terminal code & nothing. Still unable to change anything.