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Hello - I'm a new Community user who's been plunged into the world of Server Admin.


I am having a problem with sharing out IMAP folders. Currently we are running OS X Server 10.4.11. We have an number of projects in our office with IMAP mail folders associated to them. I wish to share some of these out with other users in the office (one user in particular which I will call "Client A" for our purposes)


After seeking advice through these Forums before, I successfully installed SirAdmin and assigned an ACL to the folders I wanted shared. Upon restarting the IMAP server and Mac Mail on the client machine  "Client A" I was able to subscribe to the folder sucessfully and it did appear under "Other Users" as a shared IMAP folder.


HOWEVER IT DOESN'T DOWNLOAD THE MAIL THAT IS IN THE FOLDER. It is just showing me (in the left hand pane) the folder that I've subscribed to - but it is not receiving any mail associated with this


I have no idea what other options I have here (as I stated, I am a novice at Cryus...and using SirAdmin has simplified things greatly). The options I have selected in assigning the ACL to the mailbox are:


Look up name of mailbox

Read the contents of mailbox

Preserve "seen"/"recent" status

Write message flags


The client machine is running OS X 10.7.5.


It is worth noting that I have tried this (with a different IMAP mail folder) and it worked on the "Client A" machine. I was delighted it worked first time around - but now it seems that none of the folders I wish to subscribe to are appearing.


Any help you may have with this would be great!

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    It appeasrs I have successfully resolved the issue -


    Each folder I wanted to share out had a series of sub-folders which also needed sharing. These were overlooked and as such, the emails didn't come in.


    Once I created ACL's for each folder in SirAdmin I was successfully able to download the emails.


    So thank you me!