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Im new to the community and would really appreciate some help !!

I have installed two servers now (different hardware) macpro towers with 10.8.2 server and after a short period of time the shared drives gray out, the disapaer from the desktop.

Users can still connect across the LAN, the hardware is definately not daulty as i have swapped with new drives and rebuilt. Software was from the App's store as download.

Is this a server 10.8 bug?

Any help appreciated



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  • Simon Slavin Level 4 Level 4

    The client is disconnecting from the fileshare.  Not a known bug.


    You may have an idle period set, so if nothing happens for a certain time, the client disconnects from the server.


    You may have a faulty network which occasionally causes the computers to lose touch, for long enough that the file sharing system thinks it has been disconnected.


    Take a look at the console of both the client and server just after this happens and see if you see anything there.

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    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Its the hard drive on the server its self that is disapearing, so when you are on the server screen the "work" hard drive (which is independant to the sysem HD) is dispappearing. This is happening on two server on two different locations and networks - all the hardware is 100% and the LAN users can still connect to the server share and copy and save.

    The issue is on the server its self. The drive disappears and not even viewable in the finder - only way to access it is via "go" - "go to folder".

    In disk utility the drive is there and is indicatig its mounted but its not !!!.....the server were both working fine for 2/3 weeks and the work drives were visable on desktop and fine, and in prefs the HD are set to be visable


    Because its on two sites that are totaly indepndant the only common factor is both are running 10.8.2 server which indicates its a software / bug issue????


    Hope that is clearer


    Thanks again

  • Simon Slavin Level 4 Level 4

    You have the Finder set to show the hard disk icon on the desktop, and it's disappearing from the desktop ?  Do the other things on the desktop move up and left to fill in the space it was taking up ?  Does it reappear by itself ?


    Are you running anything on the server apart from Apple's own software ?  Perhaps something is causing the drive to disappear while it's being checked for viruses or backed-up or something.


    Obviously not a bug lots of people have, or there's be more people noting it.

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    We are also having the same problem on 2 different sites both with the latest 2013 Xsever mac Pro cuad core running 10.8.2,one with the server update and the other not updated. Both are dropping one of the internal SATA 2 TB seagate drives at random times. They just disappear and reboot is needed to recover them. We have put in new disks with the same result. We are now checking to see if it is Bay specific. It sometimes takes several weeks for it to happen.

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    After this has now happended on three servers in three different locations !!!

    Thus we can only assume that its OS related, as the drives are in different bays and all the hardware is diffenent.

    It only seems to affect the shared drives as the system and others are unaffected.

    If you clone the drive to another it seems to inherit the issue - i recon its a OSX 10.8 server bug that is some how corruping the shared drive.

    One server has single 2tb the other is a three drive RAID and the third is 3Tb.

    We have elimated all hardware possibilities so the 10.8 is definately causing the corruption someware?

    These were bespoke built server - so 10.8 server was an App store down load - may be this is the caues?

    If anyone has any other ideas it would be good to know !!

  • compusistemas Level 1 Level 1

    Both were purchased from Apple as full server packages and came with the software. All sharing services seem to be fine.

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    Do a ls -la on /Volumes and see if there are any shares there with -1. These ghost volumes are preventing your true shares from mounting.

    Make sure the external shares are dismounted in Disk Utility and then sudo rm the -1 volume. Reattach the external shares and they should be available...

    If this is your solution, I've seen this with OS X for years and it is not specific to 10.8.


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