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I have been having problems with mobile hotspot on my Iphone 5 & Ipad 4 for over a year now. I really need some help I can't deal with this anymore. I am able to connect to my iphone 5 and Ipad but after about a few mintues I seem to get disconnected I have the same issues with my LTE Ipad 4 and Iphone 5. Once disconnect the sid no longer shows up from my two devices I then have to reset network setting and re boot after that I can stay connected for awhile but then it's the same repeat process.  I have spoken to Verizon about this issue they reffer me to apple after doing a lot of re search seems this is a big problem for others as well.


I am able to keep my ipad connect to my macbook  pro using blue tooth but even that drops off from time to time.  Signal is not a issue there are times where I am on LTE and I lose connection and I can't reconnect without resetting everything.


This is so annoying I am a storm chaser and having reliable internet in my vehical is imporant so I can retrive radar updates. I ditched my mobile hotspot for the Ipad thinking I could save $10.00 per month using the ipad since it only cost $10 to have it connected to the account BIG MISTAKE

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    The quickest and easiest troubleshooting step will be making sure your devices are updated, see this for how to update the iPhone -> iOS: How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch


    You probably want to take a look at this Apple doc too-> iOS: Troubleshooting Personal Hotspot

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    Everything is Updated including carrier package updates. I spoke to a VW rep and they just informed me that the Iphone 5 and Ipad 4 lte WILL NOT work on 3G when using hotspot so I would assume this is the issue I am having.


    Can anyone confirm this ?

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    jcfromowasso wrote:


    I spoke to a VW rep and they just informed me that the Iphone 5 and Ipad 4 lte WILL NOT work on 3G when using hotspot so I would assume this is the issue I am having.


    Can anyone confirm this ?

    Yes, that's how CDMA networks work. See this Apple doc too -> iOS: Understanding cellular data networks

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    according to Apple the Iphone 5 & Ipad 4 should do 3G & 4G with hotspot active. I have TWO iphone 5 phones and one Ipad 4 all devices have Hotspot connectivity issues.


    This seems to be a hardware problem with ALL apple devices. I  have issues when traveling in a vehicle the connection seems to drop off after 10 to 20 min

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    I just started having the same issue in the past wekk.... I have a iphone 5, ipad, and macbook pro.... I was able to connect with no problems... my ipad and my macboook to my hotspot with no issues at all for almost a year now.... ut since last week i can not connect to it anymore... replaced my iphone 5 to see if it was that and still having the same issue.... very fustrating cuz i use this feature a lot.

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    I have had this issue since using the Iphone 5. I spoke to a verizion rep the other day and they said lot's of customers complain about unreliable hotspot connection.  I am working with a apple advisor on this issue now he even said he has had issues with the hotpsot reliability. This definitely sounds like a hardware issue with all Apple devices.


    I can get the hotspot to work fine over LTE stationary but when traveling down the road FORGET it. The connection will never stay connected longer then 15 min three Apple products all experienced this issue 2 Iphone 5 phones and one Ipad 4 LTE swapping the devices will not solve the issue.


    I had to buy a Mifi hotspot since all three of my devices won't work with any type of reliability. Apple is working on some type of compensation for my trouble to me this clearly shows there is a problem I am shocked someone hasn't filed a lawsuit

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    Hello, I have a brand new iPad Mini, complete up to date. The tethering seems to work fine while on USB, but the WiFi tether option works for a very short amount of time (2-3 minutes) and then quits working.


    I have researched this across the forums and it is a problem many customers are having.


    What is Apple able to do to rectify this problem? We purchased the iPad Mini instead of a MiFi hotspot because we were told it would work as good as a MiFi hotspot and have all the great features of an iPad. So far, this is not the case, I have a MiFi now as well and it works fantastically. Side by side there is no comparison, the iPad is nearly useless as a hotspot.


    Apple, why is this the case? What's going on with your products? Even the Galaxy S3 and S4 tether near flawlessly???

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    I been on the phone with apple for weeks regarding this issue everyone at this point I have spoken to has clearly admitted there is a hardware problem in all apple devices.  Apple has given me a few things from the store for free to cover my Inconvenience


    I bought a Ipad LTE for the simple reason of the Mobile hotspot Functionality  and it's totally useless. I am now using a mifi and I have zero problems. 


    The hotspot is defective if your looking for a solution your not going to find one. I suggest you contact apple if the hotpsot is something important to you it's faulty don't waste your time with tech support they know it's a problem walking you through the steps is a waste of time.  I can't see apple sending me out free products from the store if there wasn't a issue this clearly shows there is.


    We can only hope the Iphone 5s or Iphone 6 Ipad 5  will not have this problem.

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    We have been upgrading our phones to iPhones, as they are company standards.  What we are finding out is that, they get a better signal (in general) than our Droids did in the field, but the hotspots on the iPhone 4s just doesn't work.  This is forcing us to rethink our choice in using Apple devices.  If the hotspots don't work to connect our laptops to wifi on the job site, they're not much more than a paperweight with a half-working compass.  Yes, we can use them to call, but we have radios that are more reliable, and no one really needs to receive e-mail or text messages on the job site.  I have been looking for an answer to this for quite a while now and it appears that the answer is basically that Apple has a defective product and Verizon's CDMA signal is no good without 3G. 


    What has frustrated me more than anything else is the very simple question that should be easy to find in a Google search:  Is 3G required for iPhone 4s HotSpots on Verizon network?  I rephrased that question over and over and it took some digging to find out the answer is yes, you need it or it won't work.  I would think that Apple would list it in its matrix of 'requirements' for each device, but they don't.  It's not listed on Verizon's site as well.  It would be helpful for someone researching these things to know what is required for each device to work.  If we don't have the infrastructure for it, we can eliminate that as an option.


    Apple:  YOU are the manufacturer and you can't blame defective products on anyone but yourself so get in gear and fix your products instead of sending out the next model with the same problems.  If you know it was an issue with 4s, then why didn't you fix it in 5?  If our company did that, we wouldn't continue to have customers.  If this is a hardware issue, an iOS update won't work, which will require the purchase of a new device, and at this point, it won't be an Apple device, because you have none that work.  If our company cannot make this work for us, we won't be buying any more iPhones.

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    My experience has been similar but I was definitely able to use my hotspot without 3G. I had the 4S until about week ago when I upgraded to the 5. The 4S connected well on my 35 minute train ride each morning and afternoon. At times, it would lose 3G and data would be extremely slow, but it definitely worked without 3G. I didn't lose connection very often but when I did, it would happen once per commute.


    The 5 is quite different. When I get 4G service, my internet connection is extremely fast. I can also use the hotspot when I get 3G and can use it when I get neither 4G or 3G. The problem is that I lose connection quite often. On the Iphone 5, it appears that I lose connection when I switch "network type." When I go from an area where I get LTE to an area with 3G, I lose my connection. When I go from an area with 3G to "non-data" service, I also lose my connection. It doesn't happen every time but at least once per commute. The Iphone 5 has been a disappointment to say the least. I may call to see how long until something changes, but in the meantime I am shopping for Samsung and other devices. I've always been quite satisfied with my Apple products and had considered switching my business over to Apple but I don't think it's possible now - very disappointing.

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    We recently also have hotspot problem with iPhone 5.  It used to work fine with the Sony laptop till to few months ago.  The Sony laptop sometimes cannot find the hotspot from iPhone for minutes and it always can find the hotspot from my colleague's HTC One X.

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    Purchased the Ipad air and the Iphone 5S. Same issues this is nut's Apple needs to fix this.

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    Yes. I'm having the same problem, but the problem arised after I installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 5. Before that, I had used my iPhone to connect my MacBook to internet for over a year without any problems.

    By the way, I also installed Mavericks, so I think the problem might be a software based. My computer looses connection in 10-15 cycles. If i'm skyping, the call ends and I'm offline. I have to reset my wi-fi to get back online.


    This is annoying!

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    To All:


    I have been battling this as well.  The Problem and Solution are simple ones.  After a year of this happening to me, I figured it out.


    In order to stay connected, your iPhone cannot go to sleep (screen goes dark and locks) it thinks you are not using it and thus turns off the antennas, Bluetooth and wifi after a few minutes.  I dont know why, but it does.




    1. When using hotspot, plug into a power source to keep your battery.  If you cant, your battery will drain faster or you can turn down the screen brightness to compensate.


    2. Go to settings, general, auto-lock, change to NEVER.


    3. Turn on hotstop, connect to device and it will stay connected as long as it doesn't go to sleep.


    I have been running my hotspot from my iPhone 5s to my iPad mini Retina for the last 3 hours streaming Sirius Radio and it has not disconnected one time.  I also streamed about a half hour of HBO GO with no trouble at all.


    Change the settings back, it will disconnect again. 


    Not a great solution although it works.  APPLE - Please figure this out for us!


    Hope this helps a little.

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