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Running sn/lion server on coretwoduo mini.


Have it mostly setup as afp file sever.


Recently added the proxy and pointed laptop, workstation, phone and ipad at it.


Things have been fine until a few days ago when I stated to have all sorts of connection problems.


Strange dns problems and intermitent connections through the proxy.


Attempts to VNC in from desktop have been accompanied with a request for netauthority (littlesnitch) to now make an afp548 connection to ip1.2.3.4.


I have now dropped the wifi completly off the network and the problem is still there.


Normal VNC was a connection on the fixed ip i set in system preferences.


I now see a second ethernet interface (en0 ip1.2.3.4) setup in the server network tab. I didnt do this and there is only one ethernet port that connects back to a hub.


Can anyone enlighten me as to why this would happen?


Thanks in advance.