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How do I convert a Numbers spreadsheet into a live, calculating websheet?


A software addon for Excel achieves what I want to do: Spreadsheet Converter. However, the cost of implementing the solution on my Mac/in my house/at my office will be about $US 700 - $1500 (See considered options below).


However, Spreadsheetconverter requires:

  • Excel
  • On a PC.


Furthermore, there are standard and (more expensive) Pro versions, and the latter is what I will require due to my need for graphics and engineering/statistical functions.


The Spreadsheetconverter appears an excellent product. I have had one NeoOffice-generated spreadsheet I created kindly converted by the developers as a sample trial, and I was very pleased with the result. However, the developers have stated they have no plans to adapt Spreadsheet Converter for use on the Mac version of Excel. I think the product works by using addons or extensions to the core Excel product. These addons don't function in a Mac Excel context.

I am considering several options:

  1. Install a Windows emulator on my Mac, such as Parallels, VMWare, or hopefully just Crossover. Buy Windows Excel. Buy Spreadsheetconverter. Cost:  $US 500 - $700.
  2. By a second-hand PC, Buy a Windows  version of Excel, Buy Spreadsheetconverter. $US 500 for software + PC  cost. Cost: $US 700 - $1500.


Since these  two options are expensive, irritating, and might not work, my preferred solution is: an App that converts a Numbers spreadsheet into an interactive webpage. Is there anyone working on such a project? I'd be happy to Beta test.


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