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I have recently been using a ton of data. My cycle starts on the 1st, it's not the 11th and I've used 3.3 of 6. Last two months I've used 8gb of 6gb. This is not normal it never used to do this.


I've turned every "use cellular data" off. I've turned off syncing, iTunes Match, send data to iTunes, ad tracking. All of it. Even turned LTE off. All podcasts are set to only use wifi. I've gone through my phone every way.


But I'm wondering how many people having this problem use the app "the score"?


If you I'm wondering if the solution is in calendars. Although I had all my emails set to manual, if you go into advanced it still shows push.


Let me know if it works for you.


Settings>calendar>advanced> then set all from push to manual.


Then go to the score app, and turn off alerts for every team you have a checkmate on the bell.


This is my last idea, I've already called apple and Rogers to see what they can do, and they told me to delete any 3rd party data trackers, and every time your on wifi to switch cellular data off in settings. What an inconvience, what's a phone without being able to use data without huge overage bills.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4