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Ok, I have a big problem right now, my main account on the computer I am using (Macbook 15 inch 2012) is impossible to use. I cannot open any browser or other application like skype, and other applications. It seems to be quite random (other than all of the browsers) which ones do not work. I noticed the "fontd" process running at high amounts of CPU, somewhere around 50% of one core. I then logged out of that account and onto this root account that I had set up in case of an emergency like this. I tried http://dysphoria.net/2012/02/18/mac-keeps-pausing-fontd-run-amuck/ didn't help at all. I gave up searching and shut down the whole launchd process which was above fontd in hierarchy, this somehow allowed me to get one application running (firefox) and it actually worked, of course, that was the only application on the screen and I was unable to do anything until I logged out of that account. I am betting that I will have to figure this out myself by moving around files and figuring out which one is causing the problem, but if anyone has had this problem before and resolved it, please please please tell me.


Also, this occured after I had restarted my computer because one application was not running how it was supposed to be running. I had to actually hold and shutdown the comuter manually (power button) because there was apparently a trash emptying operation going on that had broken (I actually get this a lot, normally not a problem.).

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)