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I'm having some problems exporting from FCP7.  I shot footage on a DSLR camera after editing, I play back the sequence and everything is fine.  When i export to quicktime movie, it flickers green at some points, pixelates at others, but it sounds fine.  I tried making different sequences, i tested one without text, one without slug, it was less glitchy, but I still had the same problem.  I then moved the video files, audio files and fc project off of my external hard drive and put it on my internal hard drive, exported it to quicktime onto my internal HD and still same problem.  I tried exporting with my 1tb firewire 800 HD still the same problem.  It is really frusterating and all my troubleshooting is getting me no where.  Do you think bringing the footage into premiere and starting over would be my only option or do you think there is a simpler solution?  HELP?

Final Cut Pro 7