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I have been on a frustrating seacrh thru the NET to see how I can sync my Rc 300 Loopstation to Logic

Propellerhead reason does it simply and might I say is getting more use on my mac now

I have been a longtime Logic user and apple fan, but thias is frustrating


The Midi Sync capabilities with Logic as slave are frustrating.


Took me about 2minutes to get Reason to hook up to all my gear and run in sync.


Please bring back midi clock ( as a slave ) to Logic after all it is there as a master setting!!!!!

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    The issue for me and quite a few others is that The RC 300 only outputs Midi clock and cannot slave and Like wise Logic Master only and not as slave.


    There are expensive , ( but very good) devices that can send clock signals in response to beat info in ( Innerclocksystems Sync Gen 11) however this should be a feature in a DAW. Abelton, protools, cubase and Reason all do.... so why with a flagship software program from Apple would they remove this feature ( which was in the program as of Logic7) and removed in Logic8??


    Does anyone else want this feature back??????