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Hello, I have A MacBook Pro Retina 2013. As it have a GT 650M 1GB so I nned to update my Driver as its pretty old. But when I go to NVIDIA Driver Website there is no option to download Driver for Mac OS. As I am new to MacBook So I don't know how to do this so Can Anyone help me how to do this?


If possible also send me the Download Link.


My Macbook Pro Specs:-


Model- MacBook Pro Retina 2013

OS- Mac OSX Mountain Lion

CPU- Intel Core i7 3840QM @3.80GHz

RAM- 16GB DDR3 1600MHz


Storage- 768GB SSD Flash Storage



MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    NVIDIA drivers are provided by Apple and they are updated with every OS X maintenance update. The latest OS X version for a 2013 MacBook Pro is 10.8.3, so open  > Software Update, and install all updates.


    This system is a bit different than Windows and it may cause that you aren't running the latest driver that NVIDIA has released for your graphic card. Anyway, Apple often updates the graphic card drivers, so enjoy the MacBook and don't worry about the graphic drivers

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    OK, Thanks.........

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    You are welcome

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    I am using my Late 2012 rMBP also in bootcamp with windows 7 64-bit

    Often I see a popup from the NVidia Control Panel saying that a new update is available. Most of the time, the update adds new game profiles and such... I only use my Mac for CAD. But sometimes they also fix bugs or improve routines...


    I know I am "safe" to ignore these messages.


    But is it also "not recommended" (or even "dangerous") to install these updated drivers?

    Probably, the included driver in the bootcamp driver pack is tweaked for these MBPs.... but is it?