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I just got an iPad Mini and I really like it.  However, I'm having a problem with it and iTunes.


1.  If I connect it to a USB hub connected to my iMac, iTunes shows it as a device. 


I have it set up to sync over wifi just as I've done with a 3rd Generation iPad.


2.  If I connect the Mini to the charging adapter that came with it and plug that into an outlet next to my iMac, it lists it as a device and works fine


3.  If I connect it to the same charging adapter at the other end of the house, it does not show up in iTunes


From Terminal I am able to ping the iPad Mini via the household Wifi.  iTunes does not connect to it.


I like to put the iPad on a charger near my bed so I don't have to trek through the length of the house when I'm finished for the night.  My iPad 3rd Gen works fine like this as does my iPhone 4S. In all cases the device is connected to a charging adapter using the USB to the correct connector (30 pin except for the Mini is by the lightening connector).


What might be the problem?


BTW, I can see the sidebar.  The iPad 3rd Gen and the iPhone 4s show up under devices there when on the charger.  iPad Mini shows up if connect to computer via USB cable but not if only on a charger.  All three devices are set up to sync via WiFi.





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