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Whatever happened to the French Pop Genre in iTunes '06? Cannot get it to appear after highlighting the Genre category. Has it been removed or is there an obstacle to overcome?

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    Hello, Anele

    This would be best posted in the appropriate forum. Main Category Mac iTunes.Hth.

    Eme ;~[)

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    Hi Eme, Thank you for your reply, however, I had such a difficult time even trying to find the posting area, and was finally steered to this window by the Apple Help instructions. Yes, I do realize this is an iTunes question, but I cannot locate the posting area for the life of me. Would you be kind enough to give me directions to the posting window. Appreciate your help. Thank you. Anele
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    Hi, again Anele,

    You are welcome. Click on the link i provide in my first post to you, takes you to the ,Category: iTunes for Mac top of page , just under Category you will see the list of:

    Forum / Category

    •Using iTunes for Mac
    •Importing & Burning in iTunes for Mac
    •Installing & Upgrading iTunes for Mac
    •Using iTunes Music Store with iTunes for Mac •Podcasting and Radio in iTunes for Mac
    •Using iTunes-enabled mobile phone with Mac

    Pick a sub.cat. that suits your question from the forum / category Does this help any ? Let us know.
    Eme; )