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Peter R. Level 4 (1,190 points)

PS: Resetting the router solved the issue.



All of a sudden, my iPad can't connect to my LAN any more. The network shows up in the WLAN settings, and when I hit its name, it says "Connection to network XX failed". When I look at the IP address (DHCP), everything is empty.


I have already restarted my iPad; no difference.


Thanks a lot for a good idea!





  • Rudegar Level 7 (25,480 points)

    I would try to make it forget the network and then refind / connect to it


    also if your wifi router just have the default [netgear] or the likes name then maybe you are trying to connect to your neigbors who happen to have the same router with default name and he and or she use MAC address filtering and for obvious reasons have not added the MAC address of your ipad to his positive list

  • Peter R. Level 4 (1,190 points)

    Thank you very much, resetting the router solved the issue.