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How can I save a powerpoint presentation on my mac to be viewed on whiteboard?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1
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    If you mean convert a PowerPoint file to Keynote:


    File > Open    and  navigate to the PowerPoint file,  then save the Keynote file.


    Not all transitions, fonts and builds are compatible between PowerPoint and Keynote.

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    Thanks for this. What I meant was, I've made a presentation and saved it as powerpoint. However, I will be showing it at a primary school and as I know they have a particular software for their whiteboard, I wondered whether powerpoint would be compatible, or is it easier to save it as something else? I've been an idiot and left it too late to ask a teacher, but I'm due to make the presentation tomorrow!

    Thanks for any help you can give

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    Simplest way would be to run the PowerPoint file directly on the computer at the school if it is a Windows machine and the computer has PowerPoint or PPt Viewer installed.


    If it is a Mac computer, use the original Keynote file if Keynote is installed.


    Use a PDF file exported from Keynote as a second method of playback.




    Trying to import Powerpoint into a computer with an unkown interactive host  programme will end in disaster as not all host programmes can import Powerpoint. Those that can import PowerPoint are very specific about the version of PowerPoint used.

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    Thank you. I shall try this. Appreciate your help