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How do I either set up home sharing to sync my music between my ipad and iphone or set up iTunes Match when I don't have the old computer I originally used to save all of my CDs?

iPad, iOS 6.1.4, iPhone 5
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    You can't use home sharing to copy content from one iOS device to another (home sharing can only be set up from a computer's iTunes and it can only stream to iOS devices, it can only copy content between computers). You also can't set up iTunes Match from an iOS device, it can only be set up and upload content from a computer's iTunes.


    You might be able to re-download iTunes purchased music on your iPhone via the Purchased tab in its iTunes store app, but you will only be able to get your other music onto it via a computer's iTunes.

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    Mant thanks, I've been trying absolutely everything and reading so much rubbish. A real pity that apple sell products that just can't link without a computer and here's me thinking they were the forward thinking company!

    Again thanks for the quick reply.