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My 24" iMac (2007) crashed last night. I manually restarted it and it came up with the wallpaper but that was it. No icons and Finder hadn't completely loaded. I let it sit for awhile but it wouldn't finish loading. I restarted it again, and now it just won't go beyond the grey screen with the apple logo. It gets the progress bar, and loads a little bit but then shuts itself off.


I've tried the usual things I've found in this community. the PRAM resetting, etc. I was going to try and run it off the installation disk but it won't spit out the CD that's already in there. I tried the other usual things to try and get the CD to eject but it won't give it to me. There's no paperclip hole either.


If anyone has any other ideas before I bring it in that would be great.. I kind of want that to be a last resort.



iMac (24-inch Mid 2007), Mac OS X (10.6.8)