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Likely Apple will email me saying this is inappropriate. But I'll try out of shere frustration, and the hope that if the message is kept alive someone will hear it and consider change.


My subject title says it all.

I had to abandon so much and add so much anew, just to keep in pace with the transition from iDisk to iCloud.

Yet, time and again, I find the simplest of task either unavailable or so hidden as to be undiscoverable.

For example, my recent post about how to make a video file I created in QT available to a friend. Given that a 80 MB file is too large for easy email transfer, I assumed iCloud could do what either Dropbox does or what I used to be able to do with iDisk.

Not so.


I just don't understand the logic behind any of this, other than what seems to be a general assumption that everyone has mobile devices and could not care less about what is shared and what is not shared; further, that the general public is quite satisfied with narrow access via pre installed icons, and has no interest in customizing or seeking individual, original, creative avenues for making and making available just those files ready for sharing and just when and to whom they get shared.


I created something using Apple software and want to send it to a friend. Simple. No copywrite issues, and no world wide distribution via Facebook or otherwise.


Can't find a way to do that using iCloud.

Used to be easy using iDisk.

Is relatively easy going outside Apple and using Dropbox.


Is this where I am being shoved? Outside my 30 years long relationship and investment with Apple? To do what I have been able to do with Apple machines and software for so many years? And what I felt Windows PC's were more difficult or unable to do?

Is Apple pushing older long standing Mac advocates and users into some Elder Care home for disabled computer users?


Very disgruntled; once true advocate.

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