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Cipri11 Level 1 Level 1

My iphone was stolen a few days ago (3), The thing is that my feeling of revenge cannot be quite, so I beg, if you can, give me an answer for my situation...

iPhone 5
  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10



    What To Do If Your iDevice Is Lost Or Stolen


    What you cannot do is track your device using a serial number or other identifying number. You cannot expect Apple or anyone else to find your device for you. You cannot recover your loss unless you insure your device for such loss. It is not covered by your warranty.


    If your iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, or iPad is lost or stolen what do you do? There are things you should have done in advance - before you lost it or it was stolen - and some things to do after the fact. Here are some suggestions:


    This link, Re: Help! I misplaced / lost my iPhone 5 today morning in delta Chelsea hotel downtown an I am not able to track it. Please help!, has some good advice regarding your options when your iDevice is lost or stolen.


      1. Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product

      2. <Link Edited By Host>

      3. AT&T. Sprint, and Verizon can block stolen phones/tablets

      4. What-To-Do-When-Iphone-Is-Stolen

      5. What to do if your iOS device is lost or stolen

      6. 6 Ways to Track and Recover Your Lost/Stolen iPhone

      7. Find My iPhone

      8. Report Stolen iPad | Stolen Lost Found Online


    It pays to be proactive by following the advice on using Find My Phone before you lose your device:


      1. Find My iPhone

      2. Setup your iDevice on iCloud

      3. OS X Lion/Mountain Lion- About Find My Mac

      4. How To Set Up Free Find Your iPhone (Even on Unsupported Devices)

  • Cipri11 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks!!! But I think that apple (and anyother cell phone.brand) should have a system that ensure us that our product will be useless in case of being steal...

  • Courcoul Level 6 Level 6

    As often happens, a good part of the Rest of the World has already done so. There is an international IMEI database for stolen phones and most carriers outside the USA will refuse to connect a phone listed there. In some countries, this has helped drop phone theft over 70%.


    But the ethnocentric, lawyer-happy, litigation-prone USA always thinks different and has to go its own reinventing boiled water. But take heart. It seems you'll be getting a similar database soon. Then maybe, in a decade or two, the USA may finally end up merging with the international database.


    If we haven't died of Global Warming by then....

  • fizzDripper Level 2 Level 2

    if it is a contract phone, call your service provider and ask for the handset to be BLACKLISTED ,in tht case no one can use the phone using any other sim as well ...good luck

  • juaneduardof Level 1 Level 1

    My iphone was stolen too.. today! And as the original user, I WANT MY REVENGE!!!


    The problem with the IMEI and other blacklisted identifications numbers is that they are not worldwide. There are organizations who can sell the stolen phones in other countries without these especific regulations. And they worth a lot.


    The only way to ensure the device I PAID FOR is not used anymore, anywhere, is blocking it from the source: APPLE SERIAL NUMBER


    Apple should create its own database and users can report to BLOCK the serial number. So second hands cannot connect the phone to itunes neither via wireless nor connected to a computer.


    Rather to think in other phone options right now, I would consider to buy a new iPhone just the plesure (and security) that if this happens me again, the bugler would have a worthless piece of plastic

  • KiltedTim Level 9 Level 9

    Apple is NOT a law enforcement agency. They couldn't do what you're asking for even if they wanted to. There would be too many legal problems involved in doing so.

  • juaneduardof Level 1 Level 1

    I didn't say Apple have to do what the law eforcement agencies have to do; but as other companies, could add some measures to tackle this "social problem". And if they do it first, is my impression, they would have the advantage over other manufactures. (Consolidating clients)


    Perhaps there will be some legal issues here, but I think shouldn't prevail over public (client) befenit.


    I'm writing from Venezuela. Here smartphone robberies, as in the US, has become a big issue. I was pointed with a gun to handle my phone. Perhaps in other countries will not be that violent than here, but in the essence is the same. Re-think strategies and joint efforts to fight this type of crime organizations. (Worldwide)


    Coincidentally, today I read a news from District Attorney of San Francisco and New York Attorney general asking for a "kill switch".




    I think this article resume what original poster an I we are asking for. Our thoughs are (jocking about our "personal revenge") is how companies could do to prevent from happening again.


    All my support to the KILL SWITCH mode.





  • amy_lou Level 4 Level 4

    apple supports your device, not the owner of the device. as long as it's within warranty, a device can be serviced no matter who has it. It's the same for the limited warranty that comes with an xbox, a camera, and a microwave. what you're talking about is blocking of service which apple literally has nothing to do with. if you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at your carrier.

  • juaneduardof Level 1 Level 1

    The problem is not about warranty. My iPhone was ok. Apple makes great phones and products, and barely had problems with them


    The service provider has an important role in this discussion, no question about it. But my line was cancelled and IMEI number blocked within that service provider; which doesn't mean the thief can use it in another one.


    Currently, my country is working with a integrated IMEI Database to block all stolen smartphones, but again this is very difficut when you go overseas


    Very frecuently US stolen phones goes to mexico; Mexico to Venezuela; Venezuela to Colombia and so on. As they are expensive gadget, crime organizations will see here an opportunity to encourage this type of crime


    I will try to summaraize my legal point of view here (I'm a lawyer) and try to summarize this to not get you bored with legal stuff


    The stolen phone is (was) my property. I PAID for its hardware and software. The property as a legal concept implies 3 things. The Right to Use it; The Right to Enjoy it; and the Righ to Dispose the object


    As I cannot Use it (make phone calls); Enjoy it (lend it; sell it); (all this without my express consent); and want to DISPOSE IT (Destroy it) and make sure nobody else enjoys what I paid for.


    The problem is: I cannot do this; not without a KILL SWITCH to activate the destruction of my property remotely.


    Far beyond this legal issue; is thinking big and getting involve in how big corporations such as Apple (also Microsoft; Google; Sony, etc) can tackle crime organizations, who makes dirty money with stolen gadgets.


    I don't blame Apple for not having this; I am suggenting to do it so. As we speak, I am buying a new iPhone; but for me; I would seriously be persuated to a company who can offers this; because is understanding they can makes difference is social responsabilities and perhaps saving lives. I'll be delighted if Apple is the FIRST company to understand this.


    All my support to New York and San Francisco's District Attorneys.


    Hope the petition of a KILL SWITCH goes woldwide.





  • ckuan Level 7 Level 7

    What about buying an insurance for damages and thief?

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    juaneduardof wrote:



    Hope the petition of a KILL SWITCH goes woldwide.


    I would never buy a phone with a kill switch unless I had no other option. What if someone makes a mistake and kills my phone when it wasn't stolen? What if the government starts demanding phone companies kill phones (go look at CNN today)?


    You're phone is gone. Buy a new one and move on.


    "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."

  • amy_lou Level 4 Level 4

    I honestly have no idea how any company could provide a way for you to destroy your property remotely if it's stolen. you can certainly protect your digital property (which is really just a legal right to use the software, not to own it - from the terms and conditions) by changing your password, but to destroy the hardware so the device couldn't even be used as a glorified ipod touch by the thief? No idea. Send your feedback to someone that can attempt to make you happy


  • juaneduardof Level 1 Level 1

    Certainly we can start a new discussion about "How safe would be a Kill Switch in terms of destroy a phone without the concent of the owner". Good point. I'm sure there are mecanism (and more accurate in near future) to ensure this


    Perhaps the solution is not "Destroy Software / Hardware".


    Simply with report iPhone's Serial Number and DENY ACCESS to itunes in order to prevent dowload content / apps to a reported stolen phone would do its purpuse.


    Again, the big picture here is how big corporations can cooperate to a increasing social issue.


    What happens in the US, is happening worldwide.



    My simple point of view I see this a an important iniciative. And I'll be delighed if Apple takes iniciative, and why not advantage of it

  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10

    You should tell Apple.


    Telling us will change nothing.


    Apple, like any other phone maker, does not do this.

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