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My Itunes library contains approx. 3800 tunes. I recently moved some music from one folder to another in My Documents to try to ensure that all of my tunes were in the My Music folder.

I then found that when I clicked to play a tune in ITunes I had a message "The original file couldn't be found. Would you like to locate it?"

When I click "Locate" a Desktop link opens - which does not help at all.

I have uninstalled and re-downloaded Itunes several times and it now appears to select two of every tune I have in my library making 7672 in total!
Can anyone please come up with some tried and tested method to a) make my tunes playable on ITunes and b) delete the duplicates without losing the lot!
I sent this request to many friends on my email list and am astonished at how many have the same problem who have asked me to let them know if I discover any answers.

Thanks fo any advice,


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