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I have seen several errors of a similar kind with no definite fix anywhere on here, so I thought I would post this.


We are running a network with a Mountain Lion Server on a Mac Mini, connected to a router for internet access and connected to a local network for client computers. All the clients are running the latest version of Mac OS X Mountain Lion and are connecting to remote home directories on the server. They also use several group directories.


As of late, they have been getting the message: "Server Connections Interrupted. Ignore / Disconnect all" concerning their group volumes.


I haven't been able to find anything in the logs indicating why this happens, or how to fix it, or why it started appearing.


What have people experienced out there? It appears on all sorts of user accounts, on different computers in different areas of the workplace.


/ Z.

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    Additional data:


    There is no WIFI enabled on the network, all is networked using ethernet.


    There's a Time Capsule on the Server, which backs up the server data regularly. This seems to be connected one way or another from the threads I've read, but those are from aprox. two years ago while this started happening recently.