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I've seen it referenced a few times on some webpages within the Apple website that Thunderbolt is compatible with HDMI, so was a little shocked to find that the outputted display image being sent from my MacBookPro8,3 through it's Thunderbolt port when in Boot Camp, will not fit properly to my newly acquired external LED display with matching 1080p resolution (that's 1920x1080 resolution being set on MBP and sent to the external display's 1920x1080). This is true despite using the usually last resort and fail safe 'just scan' setting on the external LED display. A good quality Thunderbolt to HDMI version 1.3/1.4 is being used.


The screen does however fit perfectly when in OS X 10.8.3 and only if using the 'just scan' picture mode setting; although strangely not when using '16:9' mode setting, nor 'original' mode setting which I though that it may have done but at least it works with 'just scan' so am happy there.


However in Bootcamp none of the three picture mode settings work and the picture is oversized (and therefore cropped) or too small. This is a REAL pain and the only temporary half resolve is to use one of the zoom mode picture settings which never acquires a perfect fit therefore loosing pixel lines either way from the zoom acting in steps (can't get precise sweet-spot).


Is there a possible fix for this?


It would appear to be the windows support 'drivers' for the Thunderbolt port that may need updating; on the basis that it works ok with 'just scan' setting mode when booted in OS X 10.8.3 but not when booted in Bootcamp (on the same machine, with exact same setup, display, cable, etc.). I believe the necessary information is not being sent out properly from Thunderbolt to HDMI under Bootcamp drivers,


(I'm not interested in using VGA adapter with separate audio leads)


I've already sent this info to the Apple Feedback page, but doubtful this problem/glitch will get addressed. Would be great if Apple does though (won't have to send back new external LED Display, or quit my treasured MacBook Pro).

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    Did you ever come to any conclusions on this? I'm curious to see if while running Window 7 Boot Camp (from iMac), could you use a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter and have it send 1080p video and HD audio out to a my LED TV?

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    Unfortunately no. I'm learning slowly that nothing much gets done by Apple for issues that require Apple's intervention, i.e. this would appear that the solution would require Apple updating the Thunderbolt Drivers for Bootcamp within an updated Bootcamp drivers update (I have Bootcamp version 5 which I dowloaded from Apples download section and appears still to be the most current).


    I have reported this a few times on the Apple feedback page, but that has never ever eventually returned a solution either (just falls on deaf ears), maybe that rout has returned results for some lucky users but never ever set the ball rolling for a solution to many issues I have put forward on the feedback system.


    I must admit that Windows support had surprised me recently; I have an attached device to my MacBook Pro that when booting in Windows Bootcamp appeared to lose some of it's functionality when I logged into my usual Windows account (within Bootcamp), yet if I logged into Windows as the 'root/super user' the functionality was all there. Upon posting this on the Microsoft forums I was taken aback that not only did a Microsoft professional answer by query (no charge involved) but they gave me a procedure that corrected the problem. On the basis of this I believe Apple really need to see the bigger picture and at the very, very least analyze and read the stuff posted in their forums, maybe occasionally replying but if not so then to at least read up on the issues and secretly act on them. I'm fast going of Apple having joined their band wagon ten years ago (from PC).


    On the other hand Apple probably think it's fun for me to tiresomely and relentlessly have to keep changing picture mode settings every single time I boot up between OS X and Bootcamp, which can be many times a day - trust me it is not fun but extremely frustrating.