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Hi there,


after sleep mode and pressing the keyboard or mouse, the monitor does not turn on using the interface HDMI, using DVI it's fine.

However, the monitor will be turned on in a regular way in case you will switch on the MacMini.


I want to use HDMI and DVI for 2 screens of course, but actually I am not able to use this setup unfortunately.

Any ideas with that issue in using HDMI caused?



1st screen: Monitor with HDMI issue: BenQ GL2440H

2nd screen: Dell 19'

Mac mini (Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I've seen a few complaints about this, but no sure cure or cause, but does it matter which one is the Main display?

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    No, I've tested different setups with primary and secondary setups and they failed both.


    On top the next test cases:

    1. BenQ on HDMI + Dell on DVI - FAILURE (only Dell displays OSX wallpaper but than it switches off the screen a view seconds later - no HDMI connection and BenQ has not been reqognized - mmh)

    2. Dell on DVI + BenQ on HDMI - FAILURE (only Dell displays OSX login but BenQ has not been detected again - I must switch off and switch on again),

    3. BenQ on HDMI + Dell disconnected - partially a failure. I have to switch on the monitor and than i must press keyboard / mouse to wake up the MacMini.

    4. BenQ on DVI + Dell disconnected - OK

    5. Dell on DVI + BenQ disconnected - OK


    My personal quess looks like an issue with the different frequences on the 2 monitors and the drivers on the 2 interfaces working on HDMI and DVI. Maybe a timing problem in syncing and to wake up the devices?

    BenQ: 1920 * 1080 with 50Hz

    Dell: 1280 * 1024 with 60Hz.


    In case the Monitor has not been detected on HDMI within a specific time (10 seconds) the MacMini goes back to sleep.

    Whats your opinion?


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    I suspect you've pretty well nailed it to a conflict.


    Only thing I can think of is...



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    Thanks buddy!

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    Great news, thanks... I hope it works well for you!