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I have to open Task Manager to close it out, & force it to close. It happens on EVERY site, but it seems to really overload on FaceBook...ALOT! & many tikes even after closing it out properly, I will try & relaunch it later on, & nothing happens, or my system will be running slow, & I open Task manager & it shows Safari running despite my having closed it out several minutes to an hour or more earlier. & when I close to out there & then relaunch Safari then it loads fine! thsi happens to me at least a 100 X's or mre a day! I am using the most updated version of it, & this just started happening in the last few months. I've no clue what the prob is, but it is frustrating beyond words! & I absolutely HATE all other webbrowsers, I.E. has sucked since v.7, & FireFox has always sucked & so does Opera & Chrome! I used to LOVE Safari, but this issiue is driving me over a cliff! PLEASE help!! Make some updates for it or something, afterall, the thing has not been updated in a year! & the main part of Safari which constantly freezes up & crashes is the pointless "WebKit2WebProcess.exe" It should be fixed, or changed back to how Safari USED to be before it had this, which just causes tons of porobs w/the browser!


Again, PLEASE help me! Thanks.

Safari for WIndows 5.1.7 (7534.57.2, Windows XP Pro, Read box above