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Is there an option to evaluate a formula like in excel, so you can see each step in a formula so to check it works correctly?

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    No, Numbers doesn't have an expression evalation option. It does color-code the cell references and highlight the matching cells in the same color. I make a habit of writing complicated expressions in stages, inner calculations first, then wrapping these preliminary expressions in successive layers of other functions.



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    The process i use for really complex equations is similar to Jerrys but a allows me to see the result of each step, just like in the excel evaulator... Placing the inner most equation/function in the first column, then each outward moving one to the right. When done, i cna literally copy/paste the left equation into the right in teh proper place and do that all the way down. If you wrap all your equations in () then it is really easy.



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    You make a good point. I do that too, for really complex expressions.