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I want to be able to take a picture from my photo libray, and drop it on my desktop to be able to access it immediately. Is this possible?

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    There are lots of ways of moving files. 


    A simple and popular way to copy files.



    Using iTures to transfer files:



    Files Connect -- The swiss army knife of remote file connect



    For syncing pc or mac folders to iPad applications.


    "Using SugarSync, you simply designate folders that you want to “sync” to the cloud and it keeps everything in sync anytime you make changes.  This is the way cloud storage should be done and especially if you are using your iPad for buisness or for school."

    The only potential downside is that so many apps for the iPhone/iPad come with Dropbox sync built in which makes it extremely convenient.




    Doug says:

    "This can be done with Dropbox as well using one of the many Dropbox addons…"


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    I should clarify that 'desktop' in this case is really my iPad home screen. I already have Dropbox in place on my iPad...is there a way I can use Dropbox to put my photos on my home screen?

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    Hi melissamilzer,


    I'm not aware of a direct way to do this.... but a workaround would be to copy the photo to the Public folder in Dropbox and making a web clip to it on your home screen.


    1. In your iPad Dropbox app, navigate to your Public folder.
    2. Click the "+" sign to add a file.
    3. Choose Upload Here
    4. Select your photo.
    5. Click Upload
    6. Select the photo in Dropbox (you'll see a preview on the right side)
    7. Click the sharing button in the upper left corner.
    8. Choose Copy Link to Clipboard
    9. Open Safari on your iPad and paste the address into the address field. Click Go.
    10. The photo should open up in Safari. Click the Sharing button and choose "Add to Home Screen".


    This will put an icon on your Home Screen that you could click and view the photo. I know its not the prettiest workaround, but might accomplish what you are going for.


    Hope this helps!


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    Thank you so much Joe! It is a little work but totally worth it. Thanks again!!