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I tried 'zoom in' on a clip in the viewer window and don't know how to get out of it.


I can blow it up several fields or reduce it into a matte within the frame but cain't get the original field back.



Final Cut Pro 7, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
  • Meg The Dog Level 6 (10,880 points)

    I am not sure what you are asking as the terms you are using are unclear to me but:

    If you have changed the scale your clip, in the viewer click on the Motion Tab at the top of the viewer and set the Scale to 100%.


    Final Cut ProScreenSnapz001.png


    If you have changed the display size of the viewer, click on the button on the top left of the viewer with the % number and choose "Fit to WIndow"


    Final Cut ProScreenSnapz002.png



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    Thanks, and, the scale is reading 100; that hasn't changed.


    I haven't changed the size of the viewer window; I just went to "View" at the top of my screen and selected "Zoom in" from that menu. That blew up the clip in my viewer window several fields, but I can't find a way to cancel the blow-up, or restore the image in the viewer to its pre-blow-up (camera-original) size.


    "Zoom out" will shrink the image and surround it in a matte within the viewer window, but won't restore it to it's camera-original size.

  • Meg The Dog Level 6 (10,880 points)

    Did you set it to "Fit To Window"?




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    'fraid so. I get a blown up image that fits to the window, or, if I choose 'zoom out', a tiny blown up image in a matte within the window.


    And thanks for your efforts!