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I just purchased the Canon PIMXA MX 925 multifunction. The when I clicked the software for mac it came up DMG Downloader. I am a little nervous to down load ths file and open it can someone please advised the safest way to handle this file.


Thank you



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    If you downloaded it from a reliable source then it should be OK

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    This is just Canon's download agent.  Adobe has one, so does Google, among others.  My guess would be that instead of bundling a dated driver that you'll end up having to update anyway, they just inclulde this downloader which will grab the most recent version of the software.  If you're still skittish, go to Canonusa.com and download it directly.  But, I agree with Illaass: it should be OK.

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    Thanks Creeper


    Your replay has given me a greater understanding much appreciated



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    Thanks lllaass,


    Thank you, without guys like you, people like me would be quite lost.