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What is unique about PBS videos that results in the play stopping every 40 seconds to refill the buffer (ie the round circle appears)

I have no trouble viewing hulu movies or ytube videos.  Is there a way of correcting this problem ?



I have a ATT DSL with download  speed of 768kb.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    Could be a number of things, but the most obvious guess would be that PBS has relatively narrow bandwidth. The people in Congress who think that Masterpiece Theater is intellectual sedition and Sesame Street is a communist plot to indoctrinate our children have been strangling PBS's cash flow since sometime the early '80s.


    Unfortunately, the aesthete voting block doesn't have a particularly big political voice in the US (as though it has a big political voice anywhere).  We'll just have to continue trading our carefully hoarded recordings of 'good' television programs in secret.