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can i mirror my computer screen on Apple TV

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    Native mirroring requires a recent Mac (2011 or later) running 10.8


    Older hardware and PC's can use 3rd party options like Airparrot.

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    Why would you answer that question with that info? The question was not...


    What are the REQUIREMENTS needed to mirror my computer screen onto an apple tv.. the question was..

    HOW DO I DO IT???


    See, I have a new macbook pro. 2013 with 10.8 version. I have the newest apple tv 3rd generation.


    So now what???


    I have already tried to press the mirror button, Ive played with the settings... nothing works.


    I already know how to watch videos using airplay through my iphone and apple tv. I get that. What I wanted to know is, is there a way to mirror my laptop screen, using the apple tv, basically turning my TV into a huge monitor...

    I was just curious if that could be done.


    Ive seen it on You tube, with HDMI cables.. thats fine.. but can it be done with airplay alone wirelessly?


    I was able to get sound, but not a picture...


    so if this can be done,  please give me step by step directions on exactly how to do it.



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    In order to mirror one needs to meet the requirements so it is completely relevant, and this thread is from 3 months ago.


    I suggest you look at these links





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    I finally figured it out and here's the correct answer not just some random answer that doesn't help you or do anything for you...


    The problem I was having had to do with the gigahertz from my router


    You see AppleTV doesn't understand or Rather can't handle the bandwidth from the 5 GHz router


    So I change the router settings (under wifi) on my Mac to 2.4 and change the router settings on my AppleTV to 2.4


    Then using the airplay and  mirror buttons I was able to actually mirror  what was on my screen to my TV as if my TV was a computer monitor


    AppleTV could actually understand 5 GHz but that's through streaming movies and everything else that is already built into the apple tv itself

    it can even understand 5 GHz through the iPhone but for some reason (And from what I figured  it has to do with a Combination of the  bandwidth and the complications of an entire computer screen Being regenerated on your television without the use of HDMI cables)


    So in the end it  was just a simple matter of lowering the gigahertz frequency on my router and computer so no you didn't have to go through threads from three months ago and read 500 million things that was irrelevant and no I didn't have to download software to my computer.


    Sometimes the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one (occams razor ) sorry Vazendrew I win lol

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    The Apple TV and mirroring works over both 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz. If you had difficulties with one of these frequencies your problems are specific to you, the answer you posted relates only to your set up, it is not an answer to the original question.


    So for the question.......

    can i mirror my computer screen on Apple TV

    The answer is......

    AirPlay Mirroring requires a second-generation Apple TV or later, OS X 10.8 or better and is supported on the following Mac models: iMac (Mid 2011 or newer), Mac mini (Mid 2011 or newer), MacBook Air (Mid 2011 or newer), and MacBook Pro (Early 2011 or newer). You can see which Mac you have and which operating system you are using by selecting 'About this Mac' from the Apple menu in the top left corner of your Mac and selecting the 'More Info' button.

    Which is more or less what Vazandrew said originally.

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    It doesnt matter. The bottom Line was HOW TO DO SOMETHING. Period.  Heres the difference between my answer and yours.


    Your Answer: Here are the tools you need to do what your asking. Now that you have them, God bless and Good Luck!!!


    (so yes, technically you COULD fix the problem using your tools, but someone must already have the product knowledge to figure it all out for themselves)


    My Answer:  Here are the tools you need AND here is exactly how you do it in a simple to understand step by step instruction.


    I never said either one of you guys were wrong, all I was saying was that my answer was easy to understand and will result in the achieving the goal, and it will work on ANY SYSTEM, not just mine. I already called apple and they confirmed this As long as theres air play, 2.4 gigz your good and gold



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    I keep seeing 10.8 is a requirement, but my iMac bought in 2012 will only let me update to Lion 10.7.5.....what am I missing?


    Also, how do you change anything to 2.4 gigz?  I don't see how to change router settings or Apple TV settings to 2.4 gigz?



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    That's correct, you can only update to that.


    Mountain Lion is an upgrade, which you need to purchase from the Mac App store.

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    The OP was simply asking if it could be done, there was no problem stated. If you meet the requirements, then you turn on mirroring and it does work over both bands. No 'product knowledge' needed.


    It would have been easier to start a separate thread with your issue/solution, pertaining to your setup.


    There is nothing more to say on this subject. It's done, now time to move on.

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    Thanks, vazandrew.  That was extremely helpful.  I didn't know about an upgrade to buy.  Is that what I should do?  Do you get a lot with that upgrade?  Is that like going from Windows 7 to Windows 8?  I've only had a Mac for about a year.  I just bought a brand new AppleTV and it sounds like if I would have just bought a AppleTV 2 or 2nd Gen or whatever, I wouldn't have mirror problems.  My friend has an older iMac and AppleTV, I saw his operate, and thought i have to have that!  Why the heck would Mac not make this stuff compatible...Mac is supposed to be and ususally is so easy. 


    And by the way, this is the most helpful thread I've found so let's don't threadpolice this to death and let the comments keep rolling.

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    Yes, you do get a lot of features with the update.



    Mirroring is a feature that's built into Mountain lion and it doesn't work in Macs older than 2011 because it needs the newer processor in order to do the video encoding.