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Somehow ( I was not aware - I must have missed seeing the Apple Update Notice?) my Aperture was updated to version 3.4.4 from version 3.4.3, which I've been using for well over a half year. The problems that now exist is twofold:

1.) When I startup Aperture, it prompts that the library needs either "permissions" repaired, or the database needs to be repaired, or that the database must be rebuilt? NOTE: I have done all three options when attempting to open Aperture and none of these "first aids" seem to do anything because sometimes this error still pops up. WHY?

2.) I have ALWAYS saved my work after every Aperture session by clicking on the red circular option in the lower-left corner which is what I've been using since starting with Aperture version 1.0! It backs up ALL data/etc. into a file named "untitled.vault.xxx" (I can't recall the exact name - I'm on my iPad). This vault file has been used throughout all previous versions of Aperture - without any issues or problems! But no longer is this "trouble-free"! Ever since Apple automatically updated my Aperture to version 3.4.4, this simple process of backing up NO LONGER WORKS AT ALL! I get some prompt that the data is different between the main library and the data within the long used vault file!


What I think is the old vault's data has been saved/backed-up in 3.4.3 format which is incompatible (somehow?) with Aperture 3.4.4??? I'm not that savvy - I just know I had to delete the long-used untitled vault file (about 260 GB!) and I been attempting to save a vault that I created named "LWH-01-vault.xxx". IT CONTINUES TO PROMPT ME BEFORE COMPLETING ITS SAVING PROCESS TO "REBUILD" THE LIBRARY?????


Please tell me what to do to PREVENT PROBLEM #1 AND PREVENT PROBLEM #2.  NOTE:  I have the most fully loaded new MacBook Pro Retina computer (16 GB RAM, 768 GB FLASH DRIVE, I7 INTEL, and all data is stored and used several years on an external LaCie 3 TB hard disk properly formatted.




Thank you,      Larry

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), MY SECONDARY WIRELESS ROUTER