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(NOTE: this has nothing to do with Google's decision in January regarding Exchange sync.)


My Gmail account is configured using Exchange and has always worked fine and received sync notifications of email.  Just recently, with the latest update to iOS 6.1.4 Gmail push notifications stopped working on my iPhone 5.  They still work fine on my wife's iPhone 4S, and it's updated to 6.1.4 also.  I've tried all the so-called fixes for this in the forums here, but none work, and all actually claim to be only temp fixes, etc.  My phone was getting push notifications just fine up to the 6.1.4 update.  Changing to the native Gmail app for my iPhone and iPad is not an option...the app is HORRIBLE and you need a magnifying glass to read email messages.  From searching, it seems this is a widespread problem.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    1. Without knowing explicitely what you have tried, it is very difficult to know what to recommend.
    2. If your wife has a 4s, no, she is NOT running 6.1.4. That update was for the 5 ONLY.
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    James, I meant to say her iPhone 4S is current...whatever version it is.


    All the "fixes" that I've found on the Apple Support Forums involve making sure PUSH is turned on, then changing the number of messages to show to a different setting (anything but what it currently is) and then rebooting the phone.  This didn't work.  There was one other setting to change in "Mail, Contacts, and Calendar" but was something similar.  Nothing changes...push just isn't working any longer, unless I use the Gmail app, which I hate.

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    There have been numerous reports of gmail push using EAS for accounts set up on devices prior to the cutoff date not working.  Unfortunately, Google basically doesn't care. They would prefer you use the gmail app.


    FWIW, I can't stand it either. Email I recieve from people running Outlook with Rich Text formatting turned on are pretty much unreadable on it. I just set mail app to poll every 15 minutes. I figure no email is so important that it can't wait 15 minutes for me to see it.

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    @KiltedTim: fully understand your perspective on email, but I can't wait 15 minutes when I know technology "should" deliver email faster.  I guess what really upsets me about this is the fact Google claims I'm in the demographic that is grandfathered (or at least my iPhone 5 is).  So why did it just up and quit working? 


    I know this isn't Apple's fault (other than Apple and Google have always, and always will...be enemies).  If Apple would ever get its head out of its butt and make iCloud even 10% as good as the Google Cloud (and apps) are...the race would be over and Google would lose.  But...we all know this simply will never happen...no matter how much we love Apple.

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    I know this is not the best solution but you can configure gmail to forward a copy of email to any other email account. Just set it up so that it forwards the email to one of your other email accounts that still support push, like iCloud.


    To set up mail forwarding in gmail, on your favorite browser, go to Settings, then Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Add the forwarding email address and google will send a confirmation email to that address. Once you have confirmed it, your other email account will start receiving email as soon as an email is sent to your email account.

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    Thanks, Changren...but I'd already considered that (for about five seconds <lol>).  The best I can do now I think is just use the native Gmail app to provide banner notifications on the iPhone and then use Mail.app the process them.  I only wish Apple could ever get cloud computing to even half the level of Google so I could make the change.  But very few people are going to give up their private domain email/website accounts and trade it for JoeBlow@iCloud.com


    The other option would be for them to even charge people (I would gladly pay) to let me use my private domain email account with iCloud.  They're losing money while they're head is in the sand regarding this.