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I just paid $29.99 to upgrade to QUICKTIME7PRO for use on my PC Windows 7. APPLE  has alot of help for APPLE Users but as far as I can see no help for us W7 PC Users (NOT XP). I got nothing for my $29.99 ($32.28 with Tax)  and because it was downloaded (I got a  Registration Code that I do ot know how to use) . For all of the many software packages I downloaded for the PC over the years, I got the program, and then when you try to run it it asks for your Registration Code. An idea that apparently that APPLE has not yet thought of. And because I want to use QUICKTIME7-PRO & on a PC, there is  no help what-so-ever from APPLE. It appears I am out my $32.28 and APPLE is $32.28 richer and for me ,and it seems like a scam and I am out of luck for trusting APPLE. Any thoughts? But then I am asking APPLE users! AND NOW I SEE at the bottom of this post that there is no "Community" for PC Users! I guess this is in the hard-bag, and will probably just be forgotten.

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