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I purchased a new iMac 10.6.8 weeks ago and internet seems to be intermittent on Safari and Google Chrome. I can't seem to load a full Youtube video, but doing emails seem to be fine. There are times when browsing is an issue where the pages do not load at all.


I have an old 2008 Macbook that is connected to my home wifi and everything is okay on that. This Macbook is right beside the iMac. There are also other devices connected to the home wifi that are doing okay. The router is about 20m from where i am.


I have already done the following:


1. Reinstall OS

2. Tried using open DNS and my ISP DNS

3. Restarting the iMac each time the DNS is changed

4. Deleting home wifi as a preferred network and adding it back on again

5. Connecting to a different wifi (mobile hotspot)

6. Installed the newest version of Java

7. Reintalled Google Chrome

8. Checked for any virus software


Please help!