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It is pretty close, but I am going to go with iTunes being worse.



First off, I get a message in my email that the latest episode of my TV program is available to download.  So I go to iTunes and say "check for available downloads".  iTunes (the new number one most demented app on my computer) helpfully tells me that all my purchased items have all already been downloaded.  Nothing new to download.  So I look in my library, under TV shows.  But it isn't there.


So then I have to try to find it somehow manually.  I click on the iTunes store button (you know, the tiny, hard to find button hiding in the upper right of your screen where you have to search for it - I know where it is now but the first few times I used this app I was hunting all around for it).  Then I search for my TV show.  Then I have to figure out which of the titles it is showing me are the one I am supposed to download (I don't know which episode it is!  I have other things to do in my life than memorize episode numbers or titles).  Finally I find it (though sometimes I don't and I just give up).  But it only offers me the option to buy it.  I don't want to buy it because I ALREADY DID BUY IT.  What the ****?


Oh!  You have to remember to switch from HD to SD!  Thanks for that Apple.  Immediately obvious.  Now the "buy" button turns into a "download" button.  Ok, I click download and finally the thing starts to download.



Except that tonight, I wanted to watch it with my wife on her macbook air.  No problem I thought.  All I have to do is sign in as me on her computer.  Except that I can't find the episode at all manually (because, of course, the stupid thing thinks there are no new episodes to download).  I finally find what I *think* is the new episode and click "download".  But now it is telling me that I have to wait 69 DAYS before downloading because the computer is associated with another account!


What?  My wife and I cannot have our own iTunes accounts?



One of two things is happeing:


Either this is the most assinine application known to humanity (and whose only purpose is to get me to switch to Amazon after years of being more or less happy with iTunes)




I am doing something wrong in which case... this is the most assinine application known to humanity because it has become entirely and completely unintuitive.



I'm not, generally speaking, an idiot.  I have developed software for a living and also managed a network of computers for several clients.  I use computers all day long.  But this new version of iTunes is so rediculous that I have just given up.  Trying to find the movie you just rented takes a lot of searching for the right button located somewhere that I don't know.  It refuses to download my season passes automatically.  Searching the store for a particular season of a show is a nightmare.  And now it wants to penalize my wife and me for having our own accounts.


I'm not really asking a question (except maybe to find out why I can't automatically download and why I can't watch my shows on my wife's machine) so much as I am just venting.


Now if you'll excuse me.  After suffering through this iTorture I am eagerly looking forward to the dentist's drill.

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    OK, several things here some of which, I agree, are frustrating.


    The most obvious is the iTunes account management which most of us fall over on. You can have one iTunes with many people accessing it, but it can get very messy. Best to have different users on your Macs and set up iTunes accordingly for each user under their ident. If you do this, then your content will be viewable on different machines if you authorise them.


    iTunes is NOT intuitive since v11. It is a pain in the rectal cavity (or as I prefer to use my "Sphincter Irritation Value" of 9.9 on a scale of 0 to 10). It should be intuitive, and it may be to the bunch who designed it and live with it every day, but to the rest of humanity, it took a major dump when it got upgraded to SIV 9.9.


    Content is based on iTunes ID, however, the content is put in to the same folder as everyone else's ID therefore making it virtually impossible for anyone to clean out the offending apps or content which are nothing to do with you. This is why I promote using different login IDs on the Macs and setting up iTunes that way.


    Finally, on the film/TV side of things, HD is a real cash-cow for Apple (and all the others) and has caught many a user out. It ALWAYS defaults to HD where this is possible. Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware - it is so easy to think that you will be buying things for a second time, but that is where you are wrong. iTunes will tell you that you are buying something for a second time, but if you have already bought it on the ID you are using, it will recognise the purchase ONLY after you have put in your password to buy it for the second time (you will not get charged for this). HOWEVER if you bought the SD version and you then click mistakenly on Buy Now on the HD button, you WILL get charged.


    A lot of people complain about the iTunes ecosystem and many have a right to do so, but it is trying to be all things and it will fall over eventually. My only hope is that Apple gets its act together before its millions of somewhat tolerant clients start abandoning ship.

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    I can't really help with the season pass problem, but you don't appear to be alone. It appears this is a recent problem on the server-side that a more than one person is reporting in these forums.


    However, to get the iTunes sidebar back pull down the View menu and select "show sidebar." This will return iTunes 11 to the iTunes 10 view, which may be helpful to you.


    Bernhard VonZastrow1 wrote:


    What?  My wife and I cannot have our own iTunes accounts?

    Yes, you can, but with some caveats. One computer (one MAC address) can be associated with only one Apple ID for iTunes Match, automatic downloads and downloading of past purchases every 90 days. So, if your wife does any of these things on her Mac you can't just log into your Apple ID. This is just the way the system works.


    In the future, if you need to download a new episode of a season pass, use your purchase history, or turn on the iTunes in the Cloud option which will show you the new episode right in the iTunes browser with a download icon, which makes it pretty easy to identify what is new.

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    At least with root canal you know that the job is done once it is completed!

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    Thanks for the help.  Multiple login accounts!  It seems so obvious to me now but for some reason I never throught of it.  It is a reasonable compromise, though I really don't understand why I Apple is preventing me from just doing it the way I originally tried.  I can authorize up to five computers for any single item of content, but I can't actually download to those machines if anyone else is using them?  Oh well, I'm sure it makes them (or the content providers) money somehow.


    Thanks again for your help!

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    The sidebar is back!  Thank you so much.  I think that will help a lot.  The new layout scatters buttons all over the screen and you have to go hunting for them (and I don't actually use iTunes all that much so even if I "solve" the problem, by the time I return to it I have forgotten where a particular button is).


    I'm trying to turn on the iTunes in the cloud option, but I can't figure out where that is enabled.  Could you point me to it?


    Thanks again for your help.

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    Bernhard VonZastrow1 wrote:


    I'm trying to turn on the iTunes in the cloud option, but I can't figure out where that is enabled.  Could you point me to it?

    In iTunes prefs > Store select the option to "show iTunes in the cloud purchases." This will show you all purchases that are currently in your purchase history that are not currently downloaded to your computer.

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    Thanks Michael, that will help a lot.

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    What is worst?


    Root canal with no anesthesia for sure!