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I wish to buy or get apps from the Portuguese I Tunes Store. I get a message saying that I am registered with the Canadian Store. Is there any way to add a store ?

Thanks to all

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    You can only buy content from your own country's store - to be able to buy from the Portuguese store you will need a valid Portuguese billing address and be in Portugal when buying from it. If there are items that you want that aren't currently in the Canadian store then you can try requesting that they be added, but ultimately it's the contet provider (record company, film studio etc) that will have to grant Apple a license to sell it there : http://www.apple.com/feedback/itunes.html

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    Dear King Penguin


    I spend quite alot of time in Portugal and I have an address. I am not trying to buy music jut downlowding a freee app from a security company I am getting service from. Is is the same for dowmloading an App? So how do I access the Portuguese store? THanks

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    If you are in Portugal then you should be able to create a new account without giving a credit card number (if you just want one or two free apps whilst you are there then it might to be easiest to create a new account instead of changing your existing account to be linked to your Portuguese address) : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2534 e.g. select a free app in the store and click on 'create Apple id' when 'buying' it.