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Basically, I'd like to export a program from a FCP 7 timeline with included chapter and compression markers and compress it using Compressor 3.5 or 4.  The program is intended for distribution via iPad and I'd like to include medical disclaimers and a production company logo prior to the start of the program.  The problem is that the chapter numbering seems to default to 1, 2, 3, etc. which makes the program's beginning read as Chapter 2.  Is there any way to reset the default first chapter marker to Chapter 0 or similar?  Or is there a way to do away with the automatic chapter numbering?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You can name a Timeline marker to anything you want.  Just hit the m key twice where you want the marker to be.  The second hit opens the marker window.



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    I understand that the markers can be named in the timeline.  The problem I'm having is that, once the file is encoded and moved onto the iPad, the chapter names gain an additional number.  So in my case there is a marker at the beginning of the sequence that I've named Medical Disclaimers and another at the beginning of the program that I've named Program Start and a third marker that I've named Chapter 1.


    When the chapters display on the iPad it reads something like this:


    Chapter 1

    Medical Disclaimers


    Chapter 2

    Program Start


    Chapter 3

    Chapter 1


    You see my problem?  Chapter 3 / Chapter 1 doesn't really work. I can name the chapters anything I want in FCP, but as soon as they're loaded on the iPad they get a shiny new chapter number attached to them no matter what I do with the markers in FCP.  I can of course rename Chapter 1 so that it's not so obvious, but I'd still like the program to start at Chapter 1 rather than Chapter 2 (or, if possible, have no automatic chapter number generation at all).