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How do i setup to do lists on ical



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    Hello amfe,



    The following article contains steps for creating Reminders in iCal (among other things):


    Mac Basics: iCal (OS X Lion and earlier)



    Create reminders

    To create reminders, choose New Reminder from the File menu. The Reminders pane appears on the right side. Enter the reminder information and repeat the process to add other reminders.

    You can also add reminder list for different areas of your life (work, home, school, and so on) or for every task you're working on. This is similar to the different calendars you can create in iCal. To create a new reminders list, choose New Reminder List form the File menu. Then enter a name for the reminder list and press Return.

    When you create a reminders list, it appears in the Reminders pop-up list. In the Reminders pop-up list, you can select to show or hide individual reminder lists. To show or hide reminder list, click Reminders at the top of the list of reminders and unchecking the reminder list from the pop-up menu.




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    There is no New Reminder in my file menu. Just New To Do. Is this the same thing?


    I'm running Snow Leopard with iCal v4.0.4. When my Home calendar is showing, the To Do items are on the right-hand side of the screen. When I select New To Do from the File Menu, it adds an item to that existing list.


    I don't see To Dos OR Reminders when I'm in iCal on my iPad. What I'm trying to figure out is how to sync my non-iCloud Snow Leopard machine's iCal (including To Dos) directly with my iPad mini and iPod touch. No iCloud involvement.

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    mmhere wrote:


    I'm running Snow Leopard with iCal v4.0.4

    How are you doing this, iCloud is not supported on Snow Leopard so you must be using some 3rd party app, or a hack.


    Please explain the method you use to subscribe to an iCloud calendar service using Snow Leopard.