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why can't i transfer all songs on my ipod to my computer and then to my new ipad? i keep getting a message saying that about half of the files couldn't be found, and only about 1/2 of the songs went to the ipad when i first synced. the files must be on the ipod, because i can play all 448 from the ipod when disconnected from the computer. and all songs show up on my devices at itunes and can be played on the computer. but only about 1/2 are going to the ipad. i am no tech genius, obviously, but could someone please help me? thanks

iPod nano, iOS 1.x
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    Apple does not support transferring files from the device to the computer if they are third party.  It is great that you were able to transfer the ones you did.  There is a way to do it but it sounds like you already did it because if not half of them would not come over.  The files can probably not be found because they are third party and the files are not compatible with the transfer process.