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i have iphone4s and ios 6.1.3 and wifi is greyed icon so i cant turn it on ,,, i restored ios from itones but nothing happens , the problem stell happens

so what can i do ??? i am so angry as wifi is rhe most important thing in ipone

iPhone 4S, i am angry
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    I've had an almost similar issue where my ipad wouldn't find wifi networks.


    Generally if your have backed up all your data, restored and setup your device as new and find the wifi still greyed out look to apple for servicing.


    They might ask you to restore on another IPSW file (ios software downloaded into itunes) which can sometimes be corrupt but thats highly unlikely. 


    I hope this helps, best of luck.

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    thank u but i rstored new ios from i tunes but the problem still there and apple dont let me downgrade to ios 6.1.2 so what i can do ??????????????i made every thing like air plan mode then reset network setting aslo the problem still here ????? plz help me