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Hi all - I have had lots of negative feedback on the quality of my iphone 4s calls with lots of echo on the other end - I have made sure there is nothing blocking the speaker and updated software as per website support with no difference any help would be welcome.

Many thanks in advance Johnny

iPhone 4S
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    Hi Johnny,



    When troubleshooting noise or echoing while using the iPhone 4S, the following article provides the most relevant information:


    iPhone 4S: Noise while on call or using cellular data



    If this happens only when using the receiver, do the following:


    - If you have a protective case on the phone, either ensure that the top microphone next to the headset jack is not covered or remove the protective case completely.


    - If you have installed a protective film on the display, either ensure that the receiver is not covered or remove the film completely.


    - Check the receiver mesh; if it appears blocked, use a clean, small, dry, soft-bristled brush to carefully and gently brush away any debris.


    - If the audio issue happens only in one location, try another location.


    - Try restarting the iPhone.


    - If restarting the iPhone didn't resolve the issue, update to the latest version of iOS.


    - If the issue persists, visit the iPhone Support Page for more troubleshooting and service information.




    Matt M.