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So we can edit to tape all day long if we don't add an SCC file in the Mastering tab. But as soon as we do add an SCC file, FCP 7 hangs when trying to do an Insert or Assemble edit, with a spinning beachball. In the Final Cut Pro 7.0.3 Release Notes I found this (We are using this version):


  • Fixes several issues with closed captioning .scc files and Print to Tape/Video including:
    • Outputting to AJA Io HD now preserves closed caption data.
    • When outputting the same sequence multiple times, users can choose different .scc files.
    • Print to Tape/Video no longer hangs with certain types of .scc data and Snow Leopard.


"Print to tape" and "edit to tape" are different beasts. Does SCC caption insert work in Edit to Tape or is this broken? We need to do an Assemble edit onto a digibeta tape.


Regarding our caption file - it comes from the WGBH Caption Center, the people who basically invented closed captioning. I know it's good because it works fine in a DVD and on some H.264 files we've made. We did need to change the linebreaks in the file to Mac (they were Windows linebreaks in the file from WGBH), or Edit To Tape would throw an error that the file wasn't readable. This is nothing unusual. When we get Mac formatted files we have to do the reverse to make them readable on our Windows-based DVD Authoring system.


Any ideas? We need to edit a ton of stuff to tape starting next week, all with captions.


When Apple (very opaquely) says "certain types of .scc data" does anyone here know what they're referring to? Is it commands in the SCC data itself, or the formatting of the file or what?





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    So I've done some further testing - I grabbed a closed caption file from another project, dropped it in and it worked fine. The difference between the two files, as far as I can tell, is that the one that works begins at 00:00:00:00 and the one that doesn't begins at 00:59:48:00.


    I did read that in some versions of FCP at least, your timecode had to begin at 00:00:00:00. Ok, I used the Windows-based SCCTools command line tools to globally change the start timecode of the SCC file to begin at 00:00:00:00, and I cut the timeline to match that start point. Now they should be aligned.


    When I try to edit to tape with this new file, it crashes again.


    So this tells me there may be something else wrong with this file, perhaps Apple didn't fully fix whatever it was they said they fixed in version 7.0.3. Does anyone have any idea what that fix may have been? If I know what to ask for, I can have the caption service render out new files for me that will work.