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  • Willdey1 Level 1 Level 1

    Mine does this - it turns itself off after I've put it on standby. It makes the phone useless as it happens when I'm on call for medical emergencies at the local hospital, and can't be reached. As suggested, I will try to restore the phone and update to a later version, and see if the problem persists, and I'll guess the test can be if the hospital needs me to come and help save a sick patient, they'll be able to call... Good one, Apple.

  • Brooklynbaby78 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Chris,


    I am having the same problem and I got my I phone 5 the very first day it was released. I am trying to see if callobrating the battery helps but if not then I am going straight to the apple store...

  • jammyjase Level 1 Level 1



    i dont know if this has been resolved but i had this problem with my iphone 4.  as a last resort i restored it and set it up as a new phone.  never had a problem since.  i did find an article somewhere which i didnt fully understand but it said sometimes the software that controls the icons (winterboard i think it was called) can corrupt and cause the iphone to keep going off.  when you restore from icloud the winterboard settings are restored and so the phone will go off again.  its frustrating losing game progress and text messages etc but its better to have a working phone.  i would suggest any messages you want to keep that you email them to yourself before restoring.  hope this helps



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    Argh mine is doing this too... Has anyone found a solution that doesn't involve getting a "new" phone? The idea of having to go two weeks without my phone, to then be told I have to get a refurb is really making me wish my money was spent on a different phone.. My iPhone 5 is eleven months old and did this for the first time last Thursday. Since then it did it once on Friday, twice yesterday & twice so far today (it's only 4.18pm....)! Crazy that all of us have this issue and they can't sort it out.. Mine does not seem to have a battery percentage pattern, but is obviously getting more frequent. Grr.

  • macsince13 Level 1 Level 1

    Yup, my iPhone 5 Verizon 64 GB does this too most recently within the last week. The battery shut down (even though it has plent of battery) and randomly shutting down for no reason.


    Going to Genius bar today

  • arjun1021 Level 1 Level 1

    Im facing the same issue with my Iphone5 32 GB.

    Why is APPLE is not supporting us on this issue.


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    I went to the apple store for assistance with the issue.. If you have apple care plus if the battery is failing they may give you a replacement...or first re install the iOS. Bring it to your nearest apple store... For a check up and make sure everything is backed up...

  • Brooklynbaby78 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Willdey1,


    I think it's time you bring your iPhone in to the apple store to have a apple dr. Give a check up? What do you think..

  • cjwells30 Level 1 Level 1

    I had this issue too... and my phone was not restoring.  I read somewhere to look for Liquid contact... and I popped the SIM card out (iPhone 5).  Once I had the SIM card out... the phone started working again.  Interesting.

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    I have the exact same issue after I take 2-3 pictures on my iphone 5 it closes and I need to charge it back up even If I have plenty of battery left. Then once plugged it re-opens you can see that the battery was not close to being dead at all. I have iphone 5 since the day it got out. This has only been an issue since I did the last update.  What should I do phone is not under the  apple 1 year garantee anymore. Thanks

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    I recently downloaded the new ios7 update and now my iphone 5 randomly switches itself off when there is still battery left on it and when i put it on charge it will turn itself off then come back on and do this every 5 minutes and if I leave the phone to do that for like an hour, then take it off charge and switch it off then back on again it it will be full charge, is anyone else having this problem and knows what to do?

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    I'm having this issue as well,  but it's happening every night.  I just wake up and my phone is dead, I can't turn on just by pressing the power button, I have to press the home button and the power at the same time.  My battery had been replace and I did the factory reset but still it turns it self off.  I don't want to upgrade to the latest version because it seems like they have more issue with the new IOS7 particularly draining the battery.  In my opinion Apple need to stop getting parts from China and hire someone like Steve Job! 

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