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I am running ML Server, latest upadte on a 2010 Mac Mini Server machine.


When I am connected to my network from a remote location via VPN, and I try to browse my LAN structure with Finder, it takes ages for the list of folders/files to appear and refresh.

I have checked my VPN configuration and tried different type (L2TP, PPTP) but nothing significantly differ in term of browsing speed.

I also appreciate that the network connection at the remote location, as well as the upload speed on my local network can influence the overwal browsing speed... but after several test, I confirm I have more than 3 Mbps bandwith for upload on the local network, and 20 Mbps minimum on the remote location.

I also tried AFP / SMB, but does not seem to change anything.


So, I guess I hope the Community has already experienced the issue and some of you guys may have found a workaround to this issue.


Many thanks.