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I am running ML Server, latest upadte on a 2010 Mac Mini Server machine.


When I am connected to my network from a remote location via VPN, and I try to browse my LAN structure with Finder, it takes ages for the list of folders/files to appear and refresh.

I have checked my VPN configuration and tried different type (L2TP, PPTP) but nothing significantly differ in term of browsing speed.

I also appreciate that the network connection at the remote location, as well as the upload speed on my local network can influence the overwal browsing speed... but after several test, I confirm I have more than 3 Mbps bandwith for upload on the local network, and 20 Mbps minimum on the remote location.

I also tried AFP / SMB, but does not seem to change anything.


So, I guess I hope the Community has already experienced the issue and some of you guys may have found a workaround to this issue.


Many thanks.

  • MrHoffman Level 6 (14,849 points)

    Confirm the VPN DNS server is correct, as bad DNS settings can cause sluggish performance.  I'd usually expect the VPN to use the VPN server on the target network, in this case.

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    MrHoffman, thanks for replying.

    Not sure to understand completely your questions. Here is my VPN configuration. If you see something unusual, please tel me.


    I have one server hosting sevral services and one acting as back-up DNS

    IP= is Primary DNS server for the local network and but also VPN Server + File sharing host (The data I try to get access to via VPN are physicaly stored on this server)

    IP =Another mac mini has been set-up to provide redondancy of local DNS Server


    VPN configured for L2TP and PPTP

    VPN host name: vpn.domain.com

    Shared secret: xxxxxx

    Client IP adresses configured for 31 clients 16 L2TP - 15 PPTP

    DNS set up:

    - primary IP:

    - secondary IP:

    Domain: domain.com

    "Route" : 1 configured : / /  Type Private

  • MrHoffman Level 6 (14,849 points)

    Is your VPN client configured for those DNS servers?

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    When The VPN conection is not activated, there is actually no DNS server configured in the DNS section of the VPN connection. But as soon as the VPN is connected, this section becomes populated by the primary and secondary DNS server and they appear "grey" as if it was some kind of default configuration. I will try to force the DNS by entering them manually in the configuration section, perhaps it will improve the robustness of the configuration...

  • ttsaon3 Level 1 (10 points)

    why not try cisco ipsec


    Input the following settings:

    Interface: VPN

    VPN Type: Cisco IPSec

    Service Name: This can be anything, I left the default.



    Edit the new interface details as follows:
    Server Address: cisco.vpntraffic.com or other country vpn such as Portugal VPN
    Account Name: Your vpn account
    Password: Your vpn password

    How to setup Mac OS X Built-In Cisco VPN