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I've been using my new 15.4" MBP for 6 months now (upgraded to 256GB Crucial SSD) without connecting to a external display.  A few months ago I bought a mint condition 23" ACD ($295.00) and now I have it connected to the MBP, and don't use the display on the MBP which I bought with the HR Antiglare screen.  I just can't quit using my new to me ACD. I've connected and disconnected a dozen times but in the end I leave it connected to the display.


My question is:


I bought the AluBase from Just Mobile (http://www.just-mobile.com/mac/alubase.html) for the MBP and was wondering if its alright to leave it connected 24/7/365 (probably not 365 but close) to the ACD?


BTW, I have the 13.3" Late 2011 MBA and iPad4 that I was for mobility.  Seams like a waste to not use the MBP but the ACD looks so nice and a lot more real estate.

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