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So the thing is this, I got my Iphone like a normal person where I have my music, like a normal person. This Iphone is syncronized with my Macbook, so there's no problem there, right? But then a friend of mine asked me if I could copy a song of my library on his Ipod Touch and there's where the problem is. If I try to just drag the song into the Ipod's icon it won't let me drop it (copy it)....

Is this like that, so that one person who buys for example an album, can't give it to other people for free so that all of them have to pay for it (damm consumerism -_- ) or is there any other way I can do that???

iPod touch
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    He cannot sync his iPod touch to your iTunes library without it erasing all the content on his iPod. An iPod touch or other iOS device can only be synched to one iTunes library at a time. Nor would it be legal for you to give him a copy of music that he has not purchased. If he wants the track, he should see if it's available in the iTunes Store and if so buy it. If it's not, he can look to other download stores such as Amazon, Spotify, etc.