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I am trying to transfer stuff from my Windows 7 PCM to my new iMac OS X 10.8.3. They are connected by a brand new CAT6 Ethernet cable. The computers will not connect to each other.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Have you turned on filesharing on the PC?

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    I hadn't, but turning it on did not enable me to connect. Could it be a network setting on the pc? Ithe pc is on a wireless network, but the iMac and it abd connected via a CAT6 cable.

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    Before the Migration Assistant can work your Mac will have to be able to 'see' the PC. That they aren't both wireless isn't an issue unless they aren't on the same subnet. An IP address looks like this: and your two computer IP addresses should be the same for the first 3 sets - only the fourth should be different. And the fourth must be different. Still it would be best if both were connected via cable because wireless will be very slow if you have more than a couple GB of data to transfer.


    You may find this article helpful to get FileSharing set up between the two computers.

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    I followed the link to the article you suggested. Everything went according to plan until Migration time, and still, my iMac will not recognize my PC (or vice versa, I have no idea). Not much IT experience here. Giving the PC to the wife, I have many files from my voice acting work, and still no solution. But thanks so much for your responses.

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    There may be something useful here:


    How to use Migration Assistant:








    Troubleshooting Firewire target disk mode:



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    I'm moving from Windows 7 to iMac. Unfortunately, these links can't help, but thanks.

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    File server & Migration with a PC either works or it is a &#%! to get going. I am in IT so in the end I've always gotten it to work but there've been times when I've used a few choice words at Bill Gates & Co. Your other choice, of course, is to use an external drive to copy files from the PC to the Mac. You'll need a backup drive anyway. Unless you buy a Mac specific drive (and there's no reason to) it will be pre-formated for Windows and that's okay. The Mac will be able to read the files. Copy all your documents, music, video, etc and then drag them to the appropriate folders on the Mac. You can reformat the drive for TimeMachine once this is finished.