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I have a macbook pro retina and having problem with getting my 1000baseTX to work.


I have 1000 fiber line into my house. When I connect with my thunderbolt-RJ45 I only get 100. I go into the network settings and put it to 1000baseTX and then nothing works. If I put it back to 100 it works.


Why? What am I doing wrong?



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Hi nero2000!


    I have found a couple of articles that should help you troubleshoot the issue you are seeing with your MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The first is about network locations in your operating system, and can be found here:


    Using network locations (Mac OS X v10.6 and later)



    The second is about creating a new network location in Mountain Lion, and can be found here:


    OS X Mountain Lion: Add a network location



    These articles should help you troubleshoot the issue a little further. Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities!




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    I have 1000 fiber line into my house.


    That's a little hard to believe.


    The max you can get even on FiOS is 300 Mbps.  XFinity maxes out at 105 Mbps download.


    Even then, most of the routers that the ISPs provide are only 10/100 on the house side of the network.  If you are connecting your MBP to a 10/100 router the max you are ever going to get is 100Tx.


    Exactly what service do you have, and exactly what make/model router do you have?

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    braden85: Thx for the links. I have gone throw it but the only thing was the order that I didnt know I could set.


    Martin: Well belive it!



    I have done some more testing. It seems if I go into the settings when using thunderbolt-Rj45 and turn on the manuall and then put mta to 9000 it jumps on. I then manage to get 988 Mbit/s. And that is just great. But still I need to go in and set it everytime I turn it on and that aint very fun. I want it to be done automaticlly.


    Anyone knows how? What could be wrong?



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    Again, what ISP do you have, exactly what service level, and what make/model router?